Friday, June 27, 2008

Advertising and public relations

Advertising is the activity that provides advertisements of commercial products and services. Many advertisements are designed only for the purpose of enlarging “brand image”. Because of this, advertisements tend to embed factual information along with their influential message. Advertisers use major medium like television, radio, cinema, and magazines and often appoint an advertising agency on behalf of a company or other organization to carry the advertisements to the target audience.

Advertisements now days can be viewed on shopping carts, airports, walkway, on the sides of buses, bus shelters, on telephone hold messages and in shopping malls. Advertisements are intentionally placed where the audience can easily or frequently approach it through visual, audio and printed mediums of information. Advertisers now even sponsor big events of endorse social causes in order to promote and improve their own brands value. For getting consumer’s attention ambient ads are made visible at places that a person surly needs to visit like public toilets, petrol stations, etc.

Very often advertising and public relations are thought as same. Advertising is much expensive and have much more focused message. Public relations have more creditability.

Advertisers now try hard to get their advertisements noticed by people. They are eagerly trying to find rapid ways to make their advertisements more innovative and ‘stand-out’ from the ad clutter. Digital technology is seen as the latest and is mainly used in sports events. Virtual ads now are now widening in scope as digital inserts are added in after scenes are shot.

Advertising revenue expenditure has engorged dramatically in last few years. By 2010, the estimated expenditure would exceed $500 billion, which in 2006 was estimated at $155 billion in the United States.

While advertising can be seen as necessary for economic growth, it is growing at the expense of society. Unwanted Commercial Email and other spam have become so dominating that it has become a major irritant to users who use these services. Not just this, they become a financial burden on Internet service providers. Public space is also invaded by advertisements. Place such as schools when penetrated with advertisements to some extent is a form of child harm. Political parties, group unions, etc also advertise themselves. Politicians through the medium of advertising also try to win public votes. Interest groups support good social ideas through advertising. Organizations advertise in order to recruit.

Not just the earth, the space surrounding it is now viewed as a commercial opportunity. In a Russian space program, a rocket with 30-foot pizza hut logo was launched. Many companies now even intend to put up ads in space at places that are visible from the earth. In near future, it would be a challenge to find places for advertising that are free of cost. For more information about advertising, internet advertising, mobile advertising, airport advertising, please contact us at:

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