Thursday, February 25, 2010

How outdoor ads are effective means of brand promotion?

Outdoor advertising is in complete contrast to print, broadcast or other types of advertising. Outdoor advertising is in the public domain and assuredly reaches its target audience in an effective way. Outdoor ads cannot be switched off or thrown out. Whether they like it or not, outdoor ads are exposed to people who are on transit mode. In this sense it can be quoted that outdoor ads truly have a ‘captured audience’

Secondly, outdoor advertising works on the principle of frequency. In an outdoor ad, the message or communication stays back in the same site for a period of weeks or months. Hence, people who walk across or drive by have 80% chances of going through the ad. This creates a familiarity about the brand or service upon the mind of the audience.

Thirdly, outdoor ads generate awareness to the target audience by its specific location. If the audiences watch the same ad campaign at the same site continuously for 3 days the brand message will automatically stay on top of the audience’s mind. This can be considered as the first lead to create sales.

Outdoor ads which pertain to billboards, digital signages, electronic lamp posts etc provide compelling viewer ship to audiences. These types of outdoor ads are usually colourful in nature and provide an engaging experience to viewers.

One of the checkpoints of outdoor advertising is the location where the advertiser places the ad. As an outdoor advertiser, you should be smart enough to spot the right location where your brand will get maximum viewer ship to your target customers.

With an up growing number of brands in the market every single day, outdoor advertising provides a promising means for future advertising. Various advertisers will benefit from this type of advertising which renders efficiency and reach to its target group.


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