Friday, April 30, 2010

Outdoor Seasonal Advertising

A plethora of tools, techniques and strategies are available for advertisers to deploy in an advertising campaign. If you have a capable budget and resource, indulging in an outdoor ad campaign is not a difficult activity to promote your brand in the market. There are various types of advertising among which seasonal advertising is one. As the very phrase suggests seasonal advertising is any form of brand promotion during a particular season. Especially in a country like India, seasonal advertising is one of the effective modes of brand promotion. In this blog, let us talk about the impact of outdoor advertising during summer season in particular.

Come summer and its time you will see numerous outdoor ads about soft drinks. Pepsi brand has come up with yet another theme of advertising i.e. ‘YOUNGISTAN WOW’ particularly targeting the youths. ‘Pepsi’ is one of the best selling soft drink brands in the country. And particularly in India Pepsi is more preferred than any other brand. Some people have the notion that Pepsi renders a sweeter taste as compared to other brands. Sweet is the ways of Indian and it is evitable how and why they prefer Pepsi over other brands.

If you move around in the city, you will be able to see numerous outdoor advertisements about soft drinks. Whether it is bus shelter, traffic points, malls or roadside area soft drink ads are currently flooding the entire market. Like the rising mercury, the number of ads will keep increasing day by day. Besides competition is also evitable amongst the various brands and audience are yet to check out which brand is offering what this summer.

Seasonal Outdoor Advertising provides a huge impact on audience about the brand with its vivacious graphical display and clutter-free content. Besides, these ads create an arresting appeal of freshness to onlookers and attract them to buy the product.
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