Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How Airport Advertising Offer Exclusive Brand Experience to Customers?

Airport Advertising adopts the same tools and techniques of outdoor ads as deployed at the shopping malls, metro stations etc. However, these same tools and techniques are used in a more enriched manner at the airports. Airport ads are considered premium and also popular for providing exclusive brand experience to customers. Have a look at some unique features of airport ads to understand how they offer exclusive brand experience to customers-

Unique features of airport ads

Airports ads are usually deployed through premium tools of advertising (usually DOOH tools). Attracting the passing-attention of customers with its flashy and glitzy look, airport ads are considered irresistible and unavoidable. These ads also provide focussed and compelling viewership to its audiences. There is no escape route for customers at the airports hence; these ads provide compelling viewership to onlookers.

Airports are considered as places from where rich people (with buying capacity) and decision makers travel up and down for business and personal purposes. Launching an ad campaign at the airport and targeting these rich people for the brand promotion activity has high chance of creating a rich impact upon the customers. Airports are usually considered as the best amongst the transport media, so, outdoor advertisers can practice brand advertising at airports for creating a louder buzz about their brands. One more striking feature about airport ads is that such ads offer pleasing ambience. Deployed through rich tools of outdoor advertising, airport ads displays are best viewed by target audiences.

Most of the tools used for airport advertising are digitalized. Interactive and vibrant in nature, these digital tools enhance the look and feel of airport ads. With latest technological innovations (almost every day), the future of airport advertising looks more lucrative and the day doesn’t seem far when every outdoor advertiser switches to airport advertising as one of the effective avenues of brand promotion.

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