Monday, January 3, 2011

Why Brands are Increasingly Pitching in the OOH Domain?

OOH (out of home) Advertising is becoming one of the popular mediums of promotion for most of the brands in the market. 2010 was one such year during which various brands (of all range) pitched their campaigns in the OOH domain. OOH India 2011 is further going to increase brand promotion opportunities through OOH media. In today’s blog, let us get an insight about why brands are increasingly pitching for quality over numbers in the OOH domain.

Brands showing great affinity with OOH domain -More and more brands are showing greater affinity with OOH domain in contemporary marketing. Outdoor Advertising tools are elite, exclusive and inexpensive for brand owners to adopt, implement and deploy promotion campaigns. It accounts as one reason why brands of all range are increasingly pitching in the OOH domain.

While brands grow old, new age OOH tools are introduced- For brands that are already established in the market, the newly introduced tools of OOH Advertising are quite beneficial to launch exclusive promotion campaigns. These new age OOH tools are technologically rich and provide quick and immediate impact on customers. Drawing the attention of various brand owners, OOH media is the right media for brand advertising in today’s marketing world.

OOH media provides target coverage and speedy reach- One of the noticed facts is that OOH media provides consistent brand reinforcement and sustained awareness amongst customers. Be it any advertising medium, size always matter in generating impact and comparatively OOH media is the cost effective medium to invest for brand owners and advertisers. OOH industry is indeed booming. The evolution of various new tools in OOH domain is a feather in the cap for OOH industry that provides brand owners exclusive opportunities to promote their products amongst target groups. Way to go for OOH industry.

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