Monday, November 28, 2011

Does an OOH medium provide customized brand positioning?

Today’s advertising trends are summed in one single word ‘customize’. Advertising is meant to provide much more than promotion solutions of a particular brand.  Modern advertisers believe in wondrous achievements in brand advertising through customized strategies, techniques and tools. In this blog, let us find out whether OOHadvertising media provide customized brand positioning or not.

‘To sell better than others’ is the main goal of every contemporary brand owner/advertiser. This very objective encourages them to hunt for better idea and tactics of brand promotion that will position their brands with targeted impact on customers’ mind. Outdoor Advertising is one of the most adopted means of brand promotion. Brand owners/advertisers prefer to launch their ad campaigns through OOH media because of its rich impact and accountability factors. Besides, it has also been noted that any OOH advertising medium provides customized brand message to customers. Most of the OOH Ads do not pester customers’ attention. They inform and instruct them about a valuable brand message in an interestingly crisp manner and through a customized channel.  

Modern customers are quite choosy. They prefer brand messages to be perky and brief. Outdoor advertising media is perhaps one of the few advertising mediums that present the brand message in a lively way. Most of the OOH Ads have short content and their designs are attractive enough to hit maximum number of eyeballs. This way the brand message is hardly missed by customers through an OOH media that again makes it a customized mode of promotion.
Advertising as an art of brand communication has been much evolved. Thanks to technological innovations that have enhanced advertisers to come up with more exclusive methods and practices of brand promotion. Though ideas rule the roost, the tool that implements that idea matters more in today’s time and that very tool again needs to be customized just like an OOH media.
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