Friday, March 19, 2010

Time for the big leap in outdoor advertising

Any form of out-of-home promotion which aims at a particular target group comes under outdoor advertising. Examples of outdoor advertising include billboards, kiosks, digital signages, jukeboxes, lamp-posts etc.

Outdoor Advertising has set its own trends as a successful means of advertising. Outdoor advertising because of its clutter-free communication and attractive style effectively persuades a wide range of target audience.

Let us discuss few more reasons how outdoor advertising is enticing and successful.

1. Oldest reliable means of advertising

Outdoor Advertising is the oldest means of advertising. And it still works to create an impeccable brand impression upon the audience.

2. Its worth your time and money

Yes, it’s true. Outdoor Advertising is worth your time and money. Outdoor ads are generally big and bold in style which is easily understood by the target audience. A lot can be expressed through those life-sized posters or billboards which are used as ideal tools for outdoor advertising.

3. Has a lower cost per thousand views than any other form of advertising

Outdoor Advertising provides a lower cost per thousand views than any other form of advertising. And this is how this means of promotion is more popular among the target group.

4. Flamboyant and catchy look

Outdoor Ads provide a flamboyant and catchy look. Most of the outdoor ads are colourful and also provide clutter-free communication to the target audience. The message usually stays back in the mind of the target audience for a longer period because of its clutter-free nature.

5. Focussed and compelling viewership

Outdoor ads provide focussed and compelling viewership to the target audience. It is one reason why various advertisers prefer outdoor advertising as compared to other forms of promotion.

The future of outdoor advertising is bright and promising. Outdoor means of promotion will remain a preferred medium for a wide range of advertisers in the future. A vast array of fresh brands and products are mushrooming up in the market, and its time for the big leap in outdoor advertising.

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