Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Outdoor ads?

Providing a unique brand identity for your brand requires meticulous plans and strategies. One of the strategies for providing your brand identity is advertising. There are different type of advertisings such as outdoor advertising, television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, mobile and internet advertising etc. Depending upon the kind of your brand’s promotional requirement, you can carry out your campaign in any of these advertising vehicles.

For outdoor advertising, the strategies and techniques are little different as compared to home based advertising tools. Outdoor ads have to be flashy in nature so that audiences find them tempting and attention grasping at a glance. Different forms of outdoor advertising include metro advertising, airport advertising, mall advertising, transit advertising etc. Outdoor ads target out of home audiences and provide them an exclusive brand experience about your brand or service.

Outdoor ads provide compelling viewer ship to the target group since there is no escape route. This helps in creating a brand recall value upon your target group. Secondly, outdoor ads are premium in nature. Customers will associate your brand with a premium identity after having a glance at the premium ad campaign of your brand. Thirdly, outdoor ads are compelling but they do not compel any one to stop over. Unlike other tools of advertising which compel audience to go through the promotional campaign of the brand; outdoor ads do not compel anyone to stick to it. It’s purely up to the audience’s will if they want to view or neglect the ad campaign. In short, outdoor advertising provides its customers the liberty or free will to watch or neglect their ad campaign. If the audiences find the ad campaign interesting and engaging, they may end up indulging with the brand, if not, they can go ahead.

As an advertiser, all you have to cater is to provide a compelling outdoor advertising campaign so that your target customers do not neglect your brand’s presence in the market.

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