Thursday, September 9, 2010

How technology has refined OOH Advertising practices?

Technology has affected everyone’s life. Technology has even affected advertising practices all over the world. In India, the technological revolution has brought about an abrupt change in the various advertising practices. In this blog, let us discuss how technology has refined OOH Advertising practices thereby providing advertisers richer means and techniques to reach the potential customers. Take a look.

Though outdoor advertising is the oldest means of brand promotion, a touch of technology has made this advertising means to develop creative and eye-catching brand messages to the customers. Kudos to the new age tools and technologies introduced in outdoor advertising which has brought an incredible reduction in time to print ads for outdoor ad campaigns. Billboards and signs which took 40 hours to paint can now be printed within 2 hours by printing on continuous inkjet printers.

Digital signage is one of the OOH Advertising tools which are widely used by outdoor advertisers at present. Through digital signage, one can make required changes in the ad content or design. Remotely controllable, digital signages are one of the most effective OOH Advertising tools at present.

Digital billboard like signages are also remotely controllable. One can also make any required changes in the content, design or lay out of the advertisement to be launched. Saving time and effort for the advertisers, digital signages and billboards are quite an innovation in outdoor advertising practices.

Another outdoor advertising tool which has been redefined by technology is the electronic kiosks. Unlike earlier kiosks, modern kiosks present the brand message in a more engaging and interactive manner. Also providing facilities such as billing & ticketing, electronic kiosks represent one of the new age tools of outdoor advertising.

More technological revolutions are yet to provide massive changes in the tools and techniques of outdoor advertising practices in the future.

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