Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What are the required strategies to launch an outdoor advertising campaign?

If you need to promote your brand through outdoor media, there are some strategies that will help you to formulate the right ad campaign for your brand. Some of the media options available for outdoor advertising are-

- Billboards
- Posters
- Kiosks
- Signages
-Backlit translits etc

The first step of an OOH Advertising campaign is to define your target audience (to whom you are going to advertise your brand). A particular target audience is defined through various surveys based upon demographical features, gender, location etc. Once the target audience is defined, it is now time to evaluate the objective of the ad campaign i.e. why you are advertising your product amongst the defined target groups? Is your ad campaign going to convey a special brand message, is it going to inform them about some added features or benefits of your brand? Is it going to inform them about any sale or discount about your product? Etc. For those who are newly going to launch their products in the market place, an OOH Advertising campaign will provide the desired impact on the customers to whom they want to convey their brand message.

The next step is to choose the outdoor advertising media through which your brand message will reach to the target customers. It is an important step to choose the right media vehicle for the advertising campaign. Evaluating every probable benefit or impact of the campaign, choose the most relevant medium of outdoor advertising to deliver the brand message.

The creative part of the outdoor advertising campaign also plays an important role. The ad copy, image, design, layout etc should gel well with one another and clearly define the brand message. Usages of right image along with short and crisp language (as ad copy) make an OOH Advertising creative look stunning to the target audiences. Once the creative is ready, it’s time to get, set and launch your campaign.

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