Sunday, September 19, 2010

How OOH Ads create instant impact on customers?

A brand promotion activity through an OOH media provides a larger than life impression about the brand to the target audiences. Besides, OOH advertising creates instant impact on customers who move from one place to another (either for professional or personal reasons). Through this blog, let us have a brief idea how OOH ads create quick impact on customers.

We, humans, have a tendency to believe what we see and we watch or observe what is alluring or striking at a glance. Such behaviorism of human beings is indirectly related to evaluate their buying behaviors. An OOH ad campaign creates an instant impact on customers because of its eye-catching way of presenting the brand message. Any attractive advertisement through outdoor media appeals the imagination of passing customers .

Secondly, the brand message used in an outdoor advertising campaign is easy to comprehend (by the onlookers). Most of the outdoor ads provide easily understandable brand message in short and crispy words. When the brand message is easy to understand, the impact of the ad campaign is obviously positive. The attention span of customers while going through an outdoor ad is usually short. However, the right presentation of brand message makes it easy for brand advertisers to convey what is to be conveyed to the target customers. Not surprisingly, a successful outdoor advertising campaign delivers the brand communication within fractions of a minute.

Be it airport ads, metro ads or mall ads any OOH advertising campaign aims at providing the brand message quickly and effectively within a short span of time. Technological induction over the years has further enhanced the impact of Outdoor Advertising on the target customers. The roadside billboards are more interactive at present as compared to earlier billboards that simply conveyed the brand messages. Thanks to technology, and new age outdoor advertisers because of which brand promotion has become much easier and interactive.

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