Friday, October 8, 2010

How an Outdoor Advertising (OOH ad) Exceed Other Ads?

Advertising approaches, means and techniques vary from one brand to another. Some advertisers prefer outdoor medium of advertising while some prefer indoor mediums of advertising. Sometimes the promotion requirement of a particular brand is also responsible to choose the relevant medium of promotion. One of the common means of brand advertising is outdoor advertising (which is also known as OOH Advertising). As the phrase itself suggests, outdoor advertising involves any promotion activity of a brand which is launched through an outdoor media such as billboard, poster, kiosk, transit media etc. An OOH advertising campaign of a brand provides effective reach and impact on the target customers. Evaluating all the benefits of  OOH Advertising, this brand promotion means is considered exclusive and outshining than other modes of advertising. 

The history of Outdoor Advertising practice is traced back decades ago. Outdoor Advertising practices have infact been considered as the oldest means of brand promotion adopted by various brand owners and advertisers. Despite being the oldest opus moderandi of brand promotion, this advertising practice still creates a magical impact on customers while delivering the brand message. Is it because of its larger than life impact? Is it because of its reachability (sans any time factor)? Is it because of its premium approach of brand promotion? Whatever be the reason, it is a well known fact for every advertiser, marketing professional or brand owner that an OOH ad exceeds other ads. 

Contemporary approach of outdoor advertising is more of advertainment and not of advertisement. By advertainment, we refer to that particular ad of a brand which advertises and simultaneously entertains the target group. Any brand message which entertains a particular target group or groups has greater chance of providing a richer impact on the buying groups. Most of the outdoor advertising brand messages are loaded with an entertaining theme or idea in contemporary brand promotional techniques.

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