Sunday, January 30, 2011

Current Trends of Outdoor Advertising in India

A comparative study about outdoor advertising trends in India at present would be something exciting for marketers and advertisers. Through this blog, some chosen trends of OOH Advertising in India are briefly discussed. Take a look.

Of late, maximum numbers of brands adopt OOH tools of promotion in India. Be it a local brand, national brand or an international brand, outdoor media is one of the widely adopted tools of promotion for most of the brands. The reason is simple. With vast arrays of technologically rich OOH media options, advertisers find it a lucrative measure to attract their customers through this proven means of brand advertising.

The second reason why maximum numbers of advertisers adopt Outdoor Advertising techniques is the never-ending launch of new brands and the need for more advertising solutions for these emerging brands. Launching a promotion campaign of a brand through multiple media provides richer impact on target groups. For this particular reason, Outdoor Advertising techniques are widely used by advertisers to promote their brands. Besides, OOH Ads provide a larger than life impact on onlookers which persuade their attention for a longer period of time.

In Outdoor Advertising campaign, the language of brand communication, graphical design and colour schemes are blended in such a way so as to provide an attention grasping look to the passing by audiences and provide them an enriched image of the brand. Defined tools of OOH advertising such as billboards, kiosks, digital signage, backlit translits etc provide the targeted impact on customers. All in all, in modern out of home advertising, the tools, techniques and methods of outdoor ads have not only been improved but also given a new touch of technology. The never ending technological innovations almost every day further ensure that Outdoor Advertising trends will be more popular in the coming years.
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