Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Mall Advertising Amuse Customers’ Attention?

Mall Advertising India is currently one of the emerging trends of Outdoor Advertising in the country. Mall Advertising includes any brand promotion practice through an OOH media in and around the shopping malls. The rising tide of mall culture in India entails along the need for more mall advertising practices. Mall ads tickle customers’ attention easily and quickly. In the following paragraphs, let us have a look at how mall ads easily amuse customers’ attention.

Implementation of elite tools of advertising
Mall ads are deployed through elite tools of Outdoor Advertising. These tools provide interactive brand message to customers and captivate their attention at a quick glance. For example, be it a backlit translit or a product display, DLF Mall ads create rich impact to customers within a short span of time.

Easy visibility of the brand message
Right from the entry to the exit door, also covering all the floors of the mall, mall ads provide easy visibility of the brand message to onlookers. When the brand message is easily visible, there are high chances of getting hold of customers’ attention. Customers who visit the shopping mall are people with spending capacity, hence easy visibility of the brand message may motivate them to buy that product if only the brand message is enticing and persuasive.

Assist customers to locate product showrooms
A shopping mall is a place with various stores, brand showrooms or stores. Sometimes it is confusing for customers to locate a particular showroom of a particular brand. Malls advertising are blessing in disguise for customers to locate the showroom for a specific brand of their choice. Providing easy direction to customers through attractive media, mall ads enhance the overall shopping experience of customers who visit the malls to shop, dine or to unwind a good time with friends or with near and dear ones.

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