Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Outdoor Advertising – A Chosen Mode of Brand Promotion!

Outdoor Advertising is any form or practice of brand promotion which adopts an outdoor media to convey the brand message to customers. Like other modes of advertising, OOH Advertising campaigns are launched by brand advertisers to enhance their brand businesses. Outdoor Ad campaigns work best for brands or tangible product. For service ads, OOH media is not an effective channel of promotion (as per market surveys). Why OOH Advertising is a chosen mode of brand promotion? Find the reasons in the following paragraphs.

OOH Media Provides Exclusive Brand Message.
It is a proven fact that OOH media provide exclusive brand message to target customers in a bold, bright and vivid manner. There are various tools of outdoor advertising each of them providing a rich impact on target customers who are on the go. Appealing to the attention of customers who move from one place to another is a tricky strategy. However, through the implementation of rich media, OOH Ad campaigns provide effective reach and impact on potential customers.

Rich Media Means Rich Interaction.
When the media is rich, customer interaction is obviously rich. Out of home advertising means are also technologically advanced as compared to other modes of brand promotion. Most of the conventional tools of Outdoor Advertising have been revamped and renovated. The avenues of OOH Advertising are also immensely increasing day by day. Two latest avenues of outdoor advertising include mall ads and airport ads.

Modern OOH Ads have a Distinct Signature of its own.
Most of the OOH Ads have its own distinct signatures. Tailor-made brand communication and bespoken visual all the way attract customers’ attention easily and in an influencing manner. Thanks again to technology which garners every single OOH campaign. The never-ending technological innovations will further enhance the overall Outdoor Advertising practices of various brands that already exist in the market and also for those that are going to emerge soon.
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