Monday, February 14, 2011

Is it True that Premium OOH Media Delivers Higher ROI for Brands?

Outdoor Advertising or OOH media are known as premium advertising means for a wide range of brand owners. It is proven that OOH media provides rich impact on customers; deliver the brand message through an imperial mode, interact with customers through the best creatives etc. However, it is a concern, if OOH media delivers higher ROI for brands that are advertised through this channel. Let us find out if premium OOH media delivers higher ROI for brands or not in the following paragraphs.

In any advertising practice, what is observed is half the brand message conveyed. For this, outdoor advertising media is a premium mode of brand promotion widely used by brand owners. Billboard ads, jukeboxes, transit media all these provide rich impact on customers who move from one place to another. Providing the brand message through these premium modes provide rich impact on customers, thereby influencing their buying behaviours. One of the objectives of an ad campaign is to influence the buying behaviour of customers. Hence, an OOH media indirectly delivers higher ROI for brands that are advertised through this channel.
OOH Ads are synonymous to those colourful billboards, interactive digital signages, kiosks, posters on lamp posts etc. Outdoor advertising media creates an engaging aura for any class of target group ranging from average to top-notch class customers. The best part about outdoor advertising is that people cannot switch them off or throw them out. Whether they like it or not, audiences are exposed to OOH Ads. In this regard, such ads are considered as targeted in nature since they capture audience. Outdoor ads can be a good source of directing audiences to showrooms. With a colourful visual display, grasping attention of the audience is not a big deal. An attention grasping brand message draws customers’ attention, persuade them to buy and hence deliver higher ROI for the brand.
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