Monday, February 28, 2011

Does brand advertising observe any rule or regulation?

The main purpose of any advertising campaign is to provide a sizzling impact on customers which is possible only through the usage of a unique creative theme, idea, approach, tool or technique. Through this blog, let us find out whether brand advertising observes any specific rule or regulation. Be it OOH advertising or any type of advertising, Is any rule or regulation applicable in brand advertising? Find out the answer in the following paragraphs.

The only rule in OOH brand advertising is that ‘there is no defined rule’. Advertisers can adopt any available means, measure, technique or tool which may prove beneficial for the promotion activity of the brand. The only concern is to observe few ethics so that any unwanted issue about the brand is best avoided. Besides, following the below criterions will also be an added benefit for advertisers.
Represent your brand and talk to your customers in a compassionate manner. Brands are lifeless but brand advertisers are not. It’s the advertiser who talks about the brand to the customers. Ensure that there is a human feel in the brand communication. Masculine communication should be avoided at any cost. Masculine brand communications are applicable only for specific brands which target male customers. Such brand communications are applicable only for those brands which provide an ego appeal. In Outdoor Advertising, it is important to provide a unique appeal to the visual imagination to customers for which advertisers should design the brand message accordingly.

Secondly, it is acceptable to load some mischievous themes or ideas in the brand message. But it doesn’t mean the standard metre of the brand should be down just to provide the message. Brand advertising at present is quite advanced. Advertisers use impersonal ways to promote their brands amongst their customers. So, don’t spare yourself from advertising your brand in a cool mode. As long as the ethical rules are maintained, it’s always a green signal for the advertisers to explore any idea, theme or measure. Even if you are launching your ad campaign through outdoor media, the same criterions are equally applicable. Go explore your ideas and indulge in successful advertising of your brand.

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