Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AIDA theory through OOH media!

AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) theory is one of the most implemented theories by outdoor advertisers who want to gain maximum favour from their prospects or target customers. Till some years ago, the relevance of AIDA theory with OOH media was quite unobserved or unnoticed. The changing trends of brand promotion have proved the eminence of this particular theory. Let us briefly elaborate how this particular theory is relevant with today’s OOH Advertising scenario.

Attention easily grasped- Any OOH media grasps customers’ attention easily and quickly. Be it through the roadside billboard or through the poster ad displays, it is easy to tickle customers’ attention through any OOH media. Once the attention is grasped, the advertiser can easily deliver the brand message.
Interest quickly created- An outdoor advertising display usually has a short content embedded with an attractive graphic. The brand message doesn’t need much time to be delivered to customers. A quick delivery of the brand message means a quick impact on customers’ mind about the product.
Desire naturally evoked- Desire follows suit interest. The desire to have the brand, the desire to flaunt (by owning the brand), the desire to fulfill one’s curiosity by buying the product etc- these are some types of desires associated with a brand message provided through OOH media.

Action is finally observed- The desire to have the brand remains unfulfilled until and unless the customers rise to action (i.e. to buy the product). It is the final stage to be accomplished for the theory and it is also the turning point of the overall ad campaign. Once the product is sold out, the goal of the promotion crusade is achieved and the advertiser can triumphantly celebrate a successful ad campaign.
Be it advertising in Delhi, Advertising in Mumbai or Advertising in Bangalore, almost every brand advertiser adopts the AIDA theory and implements the same to launch a successful campaign through OOH or other media.


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