Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do ‘words’ alone play a major role in OOH Ad displays?

It has been a debate amongst some marketing experts whether out of home advertising is a mere business of words or not. Words indeed play a major role while delivering the ad message to customers. However, some marketers are of the opinion that words alone cannot pass on the brand message to customers. A graphical image is as much important as words are, to convey the brand message to target customers. From an ordinary observation, an amalgamation of words and graphics provide a completed brand image launched through any outdoor advertising channel. No doubt, it’s true that a brand message can only be understood after reading its details; a graphical image used along with the words make the ad display look more attractive. In fact, it’s unimaginable to go through a mundane outdoor ad display with just words alone and no graphics.

It is obvious that when you communicate your brand message in an attractive manner, customers will automatically go through the same. Ordinary OOH displays without any colour or graphics offers a dull look and most often fail to grasp customers’ attention. One of the assets of outdoor advertising displays is the ability to easily and quickly grasp customers’ attention. This cannot be done by words alone. Hence, words and pictures are equally important to launch a successful outdoor advertising campaign. In the following paragraph, let us have a quick glance at the current trend of OOH Advertising.
Current Trend of OOH Advertising

Presently, OOH Advertising practices are considered an effective mode of brand promotion by maximum number of brand owners. They consider OOH media the most reachable channel of promotion that links customers and brands. The adoption of latest technological tools have also favored this advertising media. It will not be an unusual experience to see OOH industry becoming an independent as well as full-fledged advertising medium in the next few years. The never ending launch of new brands, the expanding markets, the growing economic revenues- all these favour OOH Advertisers to expand brand promotion through OOH channels.

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