Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is more growth expected at OOH domain?

Festivals come and go while brands stay forever among us. This year, brand owners have meticulously implemented various outdoor and indoor campaigns to gel with the festive spirit of audiences. Offers and discounts have reasonably attracted a great deal of customers to visit the brand stores. Meanwhile new concepts on brand advertising have been introduced.  OutdoorAdvertising industry is rapidly growing at a fast pace. During festivals, outdoor communication is one of the effective means of grasping customers’ attention.  Targeting those who move out of home to shop, hang out or to visit relatives, any OOH Ad display in the form of billboard advertising or poster ad display provides a rich brand impact on customers’ mind. Infact it is for this very reason that brand owners are investing heavily on OOH domain to promote their brands during festivals.

It has been so far observed that OOH advertising domain is today one of the top players in the industry that has specialized in various genres of outdoor communications that include the ownership of hoardings at prime locations. Budding brand owners have also been encouraged to launch their promotion campaigns through the various OOH media. With innovation playing a key role in providing any branding solution, outdoor advertising industry is indeed growing at a fast pace.

A major growth is also observed at airport advertising and mall advertising domain. With a dramatic increase in the number of flyers (domestic as well as International), airport advertising campaigns of brands are becoming rampant practice amongst advertisers and brand owners. With a rising trend of mall culture in India, malladvertising is another booming avenue of brand promotion through OOH media. An influential means of communication, mall advertising is sure to make its way amongst the most engaging OOH Avenues especially considering the rising number of shopping malls at various Indian cities and towns. 

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